Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Easy, Safe, and natural Full Mouth Rehabilitation Process

With age, our teeth and gums are greatly damaged by decay, TMJ disorder, broken teeth and jaw problems. Titanium Dental Clinic's Full Mouth Rehabilitation is the finest treatment available to bring a smile back on your face.

We not only focus on building your denture but also on its functionality, the look and feel and your oral health. Bridges and dentures have helped people in the past but Full mouth dental implant is the way to move forward. Denture over a period of time causes gum inflammation and its movement will cause uneasiness while eating and talking. One needs to invest in a new set of dentures every 3-5 years. Our Full mouth dental implant on the other hand is a comprehensive and long lasting solution. Implants are permanently fixed into your jaws making the replacement teeth to be well rooted.

As the finest Dental implant clinic in Ahmedabad, we offer permanent and long lasting solution in the form of our Affordable Dental Implants. Allow us to take care of your smile and oral health.

Steps For Implant

Implants on Upper Jaw & Lower Jaw
Replacement teeth

Conventional Bridge

Denture causes gum inflammation in long term.
May move during speech or eating.
Need to be replaced every 3-5 years.


Dental Implants

Fixed Full Mouth Rehabilitation.
Implants are Permanent placed.
Long lasting.

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