Multiple Teeth Replacement
Easy, Safe, and natural Multiple Tooth Replacement Process

A person may lose multiple teeth due to accident, severe illness or various dental problems. Titanium Dental Clinic offers Multiple Teeth Dental Implants to complete your denture and boost your confidence.

We as the Best Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad adopt wholistic and futuristic approach to resolve all kinds of dental problems. Where other dentists stick to traditional methods, our Multiple Teeth Replacement is superior in quality and affordably priced. Conventional bridges are ground into adjacent teeth for support. This reduces the durability of the implant as they are not rooted. Our advanced Multiple Tooth Implants on the other hand are strong, durable and require only 2 implants to fix the replacement teeth into your natural denture. Traditional bridge comes with annoying metal clasps where as our implants have no such additional fixtures.

If you are looking for Dental implant in Ahmedabad that offers the best deal, Titanium Dental Clinic is the place to visit. We have the finest Dentists in Ahmedabad offering cutting edge dental treatment.

Steps For Implant

Multiple Teeth Missing
Two implants
tooth crown bridge

Conventional Bridge

Grounds the adjacent teeth
Disturbing metal clasps denture


Dental Implants

Only two implants required.
No such extra add-on's required.

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