Single Tooth Replacement
Easy, Safe, and natural Single Tooth Replacement Process

Beautiful smile is a statement of your personality. If you have lost a single tooth, we can replace it with Single Tooth Dental Implants and brighten your smile.

Titanium Dental Clinic offers advanced and affordable Dental implant Ahmedabad for kinds teeth related issues. Dental implants are far more superior compared to other regular tooth replacement methods presently available. Conventional bridge is a short lived solution as it does not include root replacement. While fixing the bridge adjacent tooth has to be ground which will accelerate bone loss. We being the leading Dentists in Ahmedabad, suggest dental implants. It is the easiest and the safest dental treatment available for missing tooth. As implants are root replacement for missing tooth, they are more durable and long lasting. Single Tooth Dental Implants preserve the surrounding natural structure of your teeth and integrate with bone to exist as one unit.

Being the finest and most advanced Dentists in Ahmedabad we are confidant of resolving the most unique and complex dental issues and make you smile again.

Steps For Implant

Single Tooth Missing
Dental Implant
tooth Crown

Conventional Bridge

Requires grinding of adjacent teeth
No replacement of root
May accerlerate bone loss


Dental Implants

Preserves the surrounding natural structure
Implants are root replacement for missing teeth
Implants integrates with bone to make one unite

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